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2012 Speed Contest Results

Sherry Bryant, Harrisburg, Pa. won the 2012 Speed Contest. Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, RDR, CRR, of Wheaton, Il., earned second place and Douglas J. Zweizig, RDR, CRR, Philadelphia, PA., earned third place in the Speed Contest.

Contestants write and transcribe three five-minute legs—220 Literary, 230 Legal Opinion, and 280 Testimony—and qualify for each with an accuracy score of 95% or better. The best combined score wins the championship.

Overall combined scores

1.Sherry J. Bryant2399.380%
2.Melanie L. Humphrey-Sonntag2899.233%
3.Douglas J. Zweizig3199.184%
4.Donna M. Urlaub3499.053%
5.Jo Ann Bryce4198.838%
6.John Wissenbach5898.490%
7.Dee Boenau7198.070%
8.Sara Watt8197.753%
9.Kathy A. Cortopassi9597.377%
10.Debra A. Dibble11196.967%
11.Ronald L. Cook12196.758%


1.Donna M. Urlaub299.818%
2.John Wissenbach499.636%
2.Douglas J. Zweizig499.636%
2.Sherry J. Bryant499.636%
3.Dee Boenau599.545%
4.Louise M. Becker899.273%
5.Melanie L. Humphrey-Sonntag999.182%
6.Darlene D. Fuller1099.091%
7.Kathy A. Cortopassi1199.000%
7.Ronald L. Cook1199.000%
8.Sara Watt1498.727%
9.Jo Ann Bryce1598.636%
10.Debra A. Dibble1798.455%
11.Lea A. Lumpkin1898.364%
12.Joyce Z. Casey2098.182%
13.Rich Germosen2597.727%
14.Lillian M. Freiler2797.545%
15.Janice Plomp3297.091%
16.Naren Jansen5095.455%

Legal Opinion

1.Melanie L. Humphrey-Sonntag899.304%
2.Sherry J. Bryant999.217%
3.Douglas J. Zweizig1099.130%
4.Jo Ann Bryce1798.522%
5.John Wissenbach2098.261%
6.Donna M. Urlaub2497.913%
7.Amanda L. Maze3497.043%
8.Dee Boenau4096.522%
9.Sara Watt4496.174%
10.Debra A. Dibble5495.304%
11.Maureen McCarthy5695.130%
11.Kathy A. Cortopassi5695.130%
11.Ronald L. Cook5695.130%


1.1. Donna M. Urlaub899.429%
2.Jo Ann Bryce999.357%
3.Sherry J. Bryant1099.286%
4.Melanie L. Humphrey-Sonntag1199.214%
5.Darlene D. Fuller1798.786%
5.Douglas J. Zweizig1798.786%
6.Joyce Z. Casey2398.357%
6.Lea A. Lumpkin2398.357%
6.Sara Watt2398.357%
7.Dee Boenau2698.143%
8.Kathy A. Cortopassi2898.000%
9.Rich Germosen3097.857%
10.Naren Jansen3397.643%
11.John Wissenbach3497.571%
12.Debra A. Dibble4097.143%
13.Amanda L. Maze4596.786%
14.Maureen McCarthy5296.286%
14.Lillian M. Freiler5296.286%
15.Shannon Taylor-Scott5396.214%
16.Ronald L. Cook5496.143%
17.Kathryn A. Thomas6395.500%
18.Allison L. Kimmel6695.286%