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College of Court Reporting demonstrates its technologies at the NCRA Convention

During the 2012 NCRA Annual Convention and Exposition, College of Court Reporting demonstrated its ev360 Academic and ev360 Professional technologies. The ev360 suite of products were developed by some of the country’s top court reporting educators, and these products have played a vital role for users in enhancing skill and speed development, increasing progression rates, perfecting realtime skills, and passing certification skills exams.

ev360 Professional offers a virtually unlimited variety of material up to 340 wpm; 225 SAPs (tests) at every speed and dictation type; a minimum of 810 hours of structured streaming text and dictation for speed and skill development that provide user-specific tools for self-evaluation and focused self-improvement; up to 72 hours of live speedbuilding classes weekly and close to 3,000 hours of recorded speedbuilding classes (including medical dictation); and 375 unique four-voice skill and speed development classes that are 75 minutes in length each from 140 wpm to 225 wpm.

Please visit for more information. If you are interested in a free two-week trial or have any questions, please contact CCR at or 866-294-3974.