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Twelve court reporter positions filled in Iowa

On July 1, the Iowa state courts sought to fill 12 court reporter positions across the state. The 12 court reporting positions had been eliminated in 2009 due to budgetary constraints, and when Iowa’s budget was finally able to more fully fund the courts, the state court system chose to hire additional qualified reporters. All 12 positions have been filled, reports Sarah Hyatt, RPR, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, current president of the Iowa Court Reporters Association.

“We were certainly ecstatic that all of the vacancies across the state were able to be filled shortly after the ad being posted,” Hyatt says. “The Iowa Supreme Court and Iowa Court Reporters Association understand what a vital role court reporters hold in our judicial system. We expect additional openings to become available in the future as additional reporters retire, and we anticipate those positions will also be filled as quickly with skilled stenographic reporters.”