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NCRF creates new vision

National Court Reporters FoundationNCRF’s Board of Trustees met in mid-November to tackle the responsibility of developing a new long-range strategic plan. The last time we undertook this was in 2008, so this is the right time. We have existing programs that serve the profession well, but we needed to take a look at the future to see what more we can be doing.

The bottom line is that 99.9 percent of our donations come from NCRA members, so it only makes sense that we create pro­grams that will support our donor base. We need to be of enough value to members that they will support us financially. The Trustees could have spent days creating in­dependent goals and programs, but what made most sense to us was to use NCRA’s new “Vision 2018” as the basis for our dis­cussions. We looked at NCRA’s six strategic priorities over the next five years (Awareness and Outreach, Advocacy, Professional Development, Member Value, Resources, and Education) to help us identify areas where we could be supportive.

We came up with lots of great ideas, but the truth is that we have limited resources, both human and financial. Taking that into consideration, we adopted the top five priorities as listed above, and we’re excited about them! Staff, board members, and volunteers have rolled up their sleeves and are already diving in. Keep watching the JCR Weekly, Facebook, and other social media for announcements about our progress.

Many thanks to our donors who make our good work pos­sible. And if you have never given to the Foundation, now would be a great time to help us launch our new projects.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy New Year.


Merilyn Sanchez, RMR, NCRF Chair