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Online Courting Disaster game continues to draw players

Since its launch in September 2012, more than 3,000 people have logged onto NCRA’s online game Courting Disaster, where players can earn CEUs by participating in a fun, professional development opportunity based on challenges reporters face each day. The game presents players with a number of quests or scenarios and requires them to interactively choose how to best proceed. Players must balance their desire to serve their clients while maintaining, according to the NCRA Code, “their profession at the highest level.”

The game has been well received by players. Comments on its Facebook page include: “This game is really fun and educational,” “How cool is this,” and “This (game) is really great! It was a blast to play.”

The game is free to play and can be played as often as the player desires. In addition, each gaming session presents the player with six of 12 possible quests, and because these quests appear randomly, players have the chance to see new content and enjoy a unique experience each time they play. The quests featured include: Dial D for Depo; Depo-tism; Put it on my Tab; Remote Control; Angry Words; and Averting Courtastrophy. Players can also earn CEU credit by purchasing a follow-up e-seminar that explores, in greater detail, the issues encountered in the game.

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