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NCRA member prompts U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to update court reporter’s job page

NCRA member Melinda I. Dexter, RMR, an official court reporter for the 30th Judicial Circuit Court in Lansing, Mich., recently contacted the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and requested they replace an outdated photograph of a court reporter that appeared in the agency’s Occupational Outlook Handbook court reporter’s job description page. According to Dexter, who also serves as president of the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters, she provided the agency a photograph of her providing wireless realtime to the Hon. James S. Jamo’s iPad to replace a photograph of a reporter using a manual machine that was spilling paper over the paper tray.

“In Michigan, our tagline is We Are Technology, and I wanted to convey that for the entire profession. I’m happy to report we now have a more modern image of the court reporters of today,” Dexter said.