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CLVSs keep pace with technology changes

Leaders of NCRA’s Certified Legal Videography Specialist program took the opportunity to update agency owners about the benefits of sending videographers to CLVS educational training while at the 2014 Firm Owners Executive Conference held earlier this month in Orlando, Fla. In addition to training videographers to work in lock-step with court reporters during depositions, Gene Betler and Bruce Balmer, co-chairs of NCRA’s CLVS Council, reported that the CLVS program began undergoing changes in curriculum three years ago to ensure material presented to candidates addressed the transition from analog to digital, including issues such as dealing with multiple feeds and other technological changes happening in the swiftly evolving legal videography niche of the marketplace.

“We’re forward-looking, and we plan on staying that way,” Balmer said about the CLVS Council and its program. “We’re doing everything we possibly can to make your legal videographers know how to harness change in the video industry.”

Balmer and Betler also noted that the legal industry continues to change dramatically and the CLVS program has updated content and educational offerings to make sure legal videographers know how to make good purchase decisions regarding equipment to maximize a firm’s investments in legal videography service offerings.

“If you have not sent a videographer to a CLVS certification program in the last four years, you [should] send them this time,” Balmer noted. “They will know what they need to take your firm into the future with respect to legal video.”

The next CLVS educational seminar takes place in conjunction with NCRA’s 2014 TechCon event being held April 11-13 in Atlanta, Ga. For more information about the program, visit

Watch for more coverage of the 2014 Firm Owners Executive Conference in future issues of the JCR Weekly and in the April issue of the JCR.