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3,500 by Veterans Day — We Can Do This!

Mind-boggling stat: The Library of Congress has almost 90,000 veterans’ histories in its collections — priceless stories of heroism, accomplishment, and sacrifice.

Fact: They need to be transcribed.  Who better to do this than court reporters? We’ve done over 3,200 already!

New goal: 300 more by Veterans Day 2014

What you can do: Transcribe a recorded history, conduct an interview and transcribe the story, or host a VHP Day.

Why?: Earn free PDCs, experience a vet’s story firsthand, feel humbled and gratified, and help preserve America’s history.

It’s more rewarding than you can imagine. NCRF has all of the materials and information you’ll need. Click here for more details, or contact Beth Kilker, oral histories program coordinator, at, or at 800-272-6272, ext. 174.