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Court reporter costs at issue in Georgia appeal of civil case

The Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that a petitioner must be granted access to a hearing transcript even though she didn’t pay part of the court reporter costs, according to a March 21 article on The article explained that in a civil case, court reporting services are not always required, and the costs are often borne by the parties to the civil case. A party to a civil dispute does not have to help pay for the reporting services; however, that party may be left at a disadvantage without a transcript if the case is appealed.

The appeals court panel indicated that, in this case, the appellant had not met all of the technical requirements to indicate that she had waived her right to receive a copy of the transcript and, therefore, the appeals court reversed the lower court’s decision and granted the appellant access to a transcript.

The appeal results from a Cobb County custody dispute, Beringer v. Emory, No. A13A2077.

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