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The purpose of this section is to provide newsworthy information on legal video related products and technologies. This column is for our readers to use in their research. NCRA does not endorse or critically review these products and services in any way. The following briefs were provided by the companies and manufacturers.
This section is a recurring feature, and the JCR invites parties interested in making announcements to send their news items to JCR advertising and editorial coordinator Amy Law at


2 Hungry Dogs Productions
727-527-2901 |

CMI Legal Services
407-493-3304 |

2 Hungry Dogs Productions and CMI Legal Services recently teamed up to offer court reporting firms their own in-house video department. More and more attorneys are requesting that their depositions be videotaped. Firms that try to contract videographers on a day hire basis give rise to additional scheduling issues for their staff. Firms that create their own in-house video department often stumble with a lack of understanding of the best practices for video.

2 Hungry Dogs Productions and CMI Legal Services can act as a court reporting firm’s in-house video department. The court reporting firm’s logo appears on the shirts, paperwork, delivered DVDs, and even an email address from the court reporting firm’s domain. In addition, the videographer has been trained in best practices and adheres to industry standards so that the court reporting firm’s clients get the best product and the service they deserve from your firm.

edepo | 512-537-0570’s new white label platform offers a delivery process that is digital and automated, sends customers email alerts when their video depos are ready to review on the company’s iPad and web apps, and allows customers to create synced video clips, markup exhibits, and presentations using an iPad app.

edepo is a new deposition delivery platform that provides a robust repository and fully featured iPad app for review of transcripts, exhibits and video. edepo’s white label platform includes all of the following powerful features:

• Custom, fully featured iPad app
• Custom, robust repository for transcripts, exhibits, and videos
• Automated email delivery notifications
• Precise, word-level sync of text-to-video
• Hyperlinked exhibits for the iPad
• 7 years of cloud storage of depo files
• Digital signatures
• PDF transcripts
• Legacy transcript files for other software (TrialDirector, Sanction, etc.)

Sworn Testimony
859.533.8961 |

Sworn Testimony has added mobile videoconferencing to its menu of video services that it offers its clients. The Internet-based program allows individuals to join a videoconference session from any device with Internet connectivity, including personal computers, netbooks, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, etc. Sworn Testimony reports that one of the popular features of its mobile videoconferencing is that it allows attorneys to cut back on travel. With mobile videoconferencing, individuals have access to video feeds, audio, chat boxes, and posting documents and exhibits within the “virtual room.” The mobile videoconference program that the company utilizes includes a feature to record both audio and video.

“Technology has endless possibilities and is a true enhancement to our very technologically-oriented field,” said Lisa M. Schwarze, RPR, of Sworn Testimony, PLLC.

800-910-5009 |

YesLaw provides software for publishing and delivering deposition content as PDF transcripts and synchronized video, and can be used in conjunction with the YesLaw Online repository. Users can review, search, highlight, edit, and download transcripts, documents, and now video. YesLaw also announced expanded online video technology that includes video download. Delivery of video with captions no longer requires physical delivery of a disc.

Consumer and broadcast markets have been steadily moving toward streaming delivery of content. The world has become accustom to having this immediate access to video content on any device. Attorneys will now have secure instant access to synchronized deposition video through YesLaw Online.

YesLaw has become the industry standard for providing deposition video on CD and DVD. This new download feature eliminates the requirement for disc delivery of video. YesLaw Online now enables attorneys and other legal professionals to collaboratively edit video online and then export video clips for trial, mediation and settlement.

Over 600 reporting firms are publishing over a half million depositions per year with YesLAW technology.