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E-seminar review: How to be mindful in a mindless world

Presented by Kim Colegrove

Kim Colegrove, owner of Make Time for Nothing, a private practice dedicated to making time for meditation, leads another popular e-seminar for NCRA. In How to be mindful in a mindless world, Colegrove discusses what it means to be mindful and provides six common-sense steps to better mental clarity. She also offers great tools to reduce stress and increase productivity.

For professional and personal situations, she encourages court reporters and all of her clients to live in the moment. “We’re filled with worry, concern, and regrets. But we need to clear our minds.” She cites that we spend too much time focusing on the past and the future. Being mindful, Colegrove says, is being present and being there—in the moment—for that particular person or situation.

During the e-seminar, she gives examples of how to get in to the mindfulness state. “It’s not a very joyful way to live on autopilot,” Colegrove says, adding that stress is making people sick. She advises everyone to re-evaluate circumstances and events in life. “It’s usually not the situation or person that causes you stress, but how you choose to think about the situation or person.”

Part of getting to the mindfulness states is to understand her six common-sense steps to better mental clarity. Having better mental clarity reduces your stress, helps you gain clarity, and increase your productivity. Essential to well-being, she reviews some great exercises and talks about the power of the pause and why it’s so important.

This webinar is now available in NCRA’s online collection of e-seminar.