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Open enrollment deadline for health insurance nears

The Feb. 15 deadline for open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act is approaching fast, and NCRA members seeking health care coverage can take advantage of a free service that is convenient and confidential. The service compares coverage plans based on an individual’s specific health needs.

The service is a benefit of NCRA’s relationship with Mercer Marketplace,* which makes a unique individual insurance solution available through the insurance broker GetInsured. NCRA members can explore ACA-compliant plans in their area with the company that administers public health insurance exchanges. With Mercer Marketplace powered by GetInsured, members specify what they need in health care coverage and receive a list of all plans that are scored for:

  • Overall suitability
  • Monthly cost
  • Estimated out-of-pocket expense (e.g. deductibles and copays)
  • Which services are covered
  • Which doctors participate
  • Potential money-saving tax credit

NCRA members who enroll for health care through Mercer Marketplace and GetInsured also have free access to HealthAdvocate, a 24/7 service that provides help with resolving insurance claims, finding doctors and hospitals, scheduling specialist appointments, and more.

The open enrollment for health insurance coverage, as required by federal law, closes on Feb. 15. For more information, contact a licensed GetInsured broker at 866-454-6479 or visit for more information or to enroll.


Please note:
*Provided by Mercer Health & Benefits LLC
These individual health insurance plans are not sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association or Mercer Marketplace.

If you are eligible for affordable minimum value health care through an employer, you will be ineligible for federal tax credits toward the purchase of exchange coverage. Please ask a licensed GetInsured agent if you have questions about your eligibility.