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NCRA announces April Kindle Fire winner in membership drive

New members joined NCRA in record numbers in April 2015, driven in part by the chance to win a Kindle Fire. Tamara Braun, a freelance reporter and participating NCRA member from Hockley, Texas, was randomly picked from those who joined during the month to receive a new Kindle Fire.

Braun, who is affiliated with DepoTexas in Houston, has been a court reporter for 28 years and said she was very excited to win the drawing, especially since she added that she never wins anything.

“I have been an NCRA member in past years, but sadly, let my membership lapse because of other things going on in my life. In addition to joining NCRA, I am now a member of STAR and the Texas Court Reporter’s Association. So I’m on a roll now. Thank you so much. I am extremely glad I joined now,” Braun said.

NCRA will continue its new membership drive through May and June and will pick random winners each of these months to receive a new Kindle Fire. To join NCRA and become eligible for a Kindle Fire drawing, visit