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Members of TAC produce record number of tests in two days

TAC2Members of NCRA’s Test Advisory Committee met in early June at the association’s headquarters in Vienna, Va., to review questions for the Registered Diplomate Reporter certification written knowledge test as well as write material for skills tests for various certifications.

During the meeting, TAC members considered materials submitted by members of the NCRA Content Committee, as well as previously submitted materials that had not been reviewed. Over two days, members successfully gauged skill tests difficulty by writing the tests on their machines, verified word and syllable counts, and marked test for mandatory punctuation, successfully identifying matter for 33 new skills tests for NCRA certifications.

“We divided some of the tasks, such as counting and punctuation, among some TAC members while others dictated material to other members to take down on their machines. I think this is one reason why we accomplished so much beyond the obvious fact that we just worked really, really hard over four days,” said Russell L. Page, Jr., a freelance reporter from Washington, D.C., and co-chair of TAC.

TAC1“I appreciated the commitment shown by each TAC member to get through as many tests as they did,” said Cynthia Bruce Andrews, NCRA’s Director of Professional Development Programs and staff liaison to TAC. “NCRA sends a special thank you to members John Eby and Brenda Fauber, who have served for more than 10 years on TAC and will be rolling off the committee next year.”

John Eby, RDR, CRR, is a freelance reporter from El Paso, Texas, and Brenda Fauber, RDR, CRR, CPE, is an official court reporter from Omaha, Neb.

TAC is one of several committees that operate under NCRA’s Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters. CAPR is responsible for the development and administration of continuing education programs, credential examinations, and any additional programs assigned by the Board of Directors. CAPR also works with NCRA staff and others as necessary to develop resources that allow court reporters to prepare for NCRA exams. Additionally, CAPR oversees the appeal process for lost certifications, and it documents policies and procedures for reinstatements, testing appeals, and all other necessary activities.

TAC meets to write and review tests in January and in June of each year.