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E-seminar review: Online skills testing — See it for yourself

In the e-seminar, Online skills testing — See it for yourself, Marybeth Everhart discusses important testing procedures for online testing. Everhart, national marketing manager at Realtime Coach, is joined by Amy Davidson from NCRA’s testing department and Steven Carman also from Realtime Coach.

Everhart starts the e-seminar reviewing necessary equipment, the steps in taking an online test, and the differences from taking a test in person. She goes through the step-by-step process by showing different screens, including one of the most important parts: how to connect with the online proctor.

Amy Davidson, from NCRA’s testing department, answers questions related to NCRA. She discusses how many times the test is offered per calendar year and how long a tester needs to wait between taking more than one test. Davidson adds, “You can take two different tests on the same day, if you allow enough time between tests for authentication and checking in.”

Everhart continues and explains which items can be on the desk during the test. She also reviews all the steps, from the identification process through the shredding of the sample created for the test. There are many benefits of taking an online test, Everhart states. “Taking a test online allows you to choose a day and time that best suits you, in an environment that’s most comfortable for you. Plus, you get immediate feedback on test you just submitted.”

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