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Top five errors to avoid when submitting continuing education credits online

NCRA launched the online continuing education system on June 1 as a way for our members to more easily submit their continuing education credits. For the most part, the new process has been smooth, but there are a few common errors to keep in mind when submitting credits.

  1. Submitting the credits under the wrong category. For activities that fall under the PDC category for credits (see Article IV of the Submitting CEUs online_1
  2. Submitting incomplete paperwork. All submissions must include proof of completion, and most should also include a course outline or syllabus. Programs listed on our Distance Learning page only need the proof of completion. In particular, submissions for Realtime Coach practice times need to include the weekly logs for the times submitted.
  3. Not having all the paperwork in one file for submission. The online submission process will only accept one document, so all items should be scanned into one document. Multiple files result in incomplete paperwork.
  4. Entering numbers in the wrong format or adding text to the “Total hours of instruction” field. Only numbers in a decimal format can be entered in the “Total hours of instruction” field. In this example, the hours should have been entered as 4.5. Anything other than a decimal leads to a “NaN” error message in the “CEU Total” field, which is a self-populating field – see example below.Submitting CEUs online_2
  5. Supporting document attachment is too large. Image files, particularly color images, can get very large. The online system cannot accept a file larger than 5120 kilobytes. Attempting to attach a document that is too large will result in either 1) an error message preventing the user from continuing to the payment page (like the example below) or 2) a message from NCRA that the documents weren’t attached.Submitting CEUs online_3

Bonus: While this is not an error, posting JCR article tests online using the online submission process is more expensive than taking JCR article tests via NCRA’s online testing system. Members save $15 in submissions by using the online test system. Visit the JCR article test page for more information and links.