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Past president Nancy Varallo showcases court reporting in keynote address

Nancy Varallo gives address at luncheonNCRA Past President Nancy C. Varallo, RDR, CRR, founder and CEO of The Varallo Group in Worcester, Mass., shared her thoughts about the court reporting profession, as well as tips and techniques for staying motivated while managing the day-to-day tasks of running a business, with attendees at a Business Forward Females luncheon. The event was sponsored by the Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 10.

In her address, Varallo called the court reporting career a best-kept secret and provided the audience with some insight about how steno machines work, as well as some of the venues where court reporters and captioners work such as courthouses, attorneys’ offices, classrooms, and sporting and other live events.

Aiming to motivate the audience, Varallo also talked about the importance of professionalism and shared how she came to choose the court reporting profession after studying music in college and teaching piano. She challenged attendees to set themselves on fire and challenge themselves as a way of reaching a higher level of professionalism. She also encouraged them to serve in leadership and volunteer positions to help them stay motivated and successful in their respective professions.

“My professional involvements have shaped who I am. I learned to say yes early on, to raise my hand, and volunteer. And then I rolled up my sleeves and worked. What great opportunities I’ve had,” Varallo said. “I’ve been invited to plan and debate, to strategize and ponder the future with the brightest minds my profession. It has shaped my career and taken me to every part of this nation.”