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In memoriam: Patricia L. Getty

Patricia L. Getty, co-owner of Getty & Associates Court Reporting, Ltd., a decades-old court reporting agency in Chicago, Ill.; proofreader extraordinaire; office helper in any way she could; and Christmas party hostess for all the Chicago court reporters who came to join in on the Getty festivities, passed away on Dec. 11. She was the wife of Clarence J. Getty, who passed away two months earlier and who was also memorialized in the JCR.

For those of you who knew them, Pat and Clarence Getty were not only related but were the best of friends with Caron and Bob Johnsen. The four were inseparable. Pat and Clarence’s niece, Krista Flynn Burgeson, a court reporter for 30 years now and working at the Federal District Court in Chicago, felt gifted to have Clarence and Pat as her aunt and uncle and have them, along with her parents, Bob and Caron, to thank for steering her in the direction of the court reporting profession from a very young age. She followed Clarence and Pat’s advice of making sure every transcript, whether three pages or 3,000 pages, were the best they could be when they were sent out. Krista listened to their advice and obtained her CSR and RPR immediately out of school and, shortly thereafter, her RMR and CRR.

My Aunt Pat just passed away holding my mom’s hand and with my dad at her side. She has gone to join my Uncle Clarence. Both Gettys will be mourned and missed greatly in Chicago.

Krista Flynn Burgeson, RMR, CRR
Glenview, Ill.