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Support NCRF and consider serving on its Board of Trustees

NCRF 2016-2017 Board of TrusteesThe National Court Reporters Foundation is currently accepting nominations for its Board of Trustees. The Foundation seeks members who want to support its good work by helping to raise funds, develop and implement NCRF programs for which those monies are committed, and further the organization’s mission. NCRF serves as the charitable arm of NCRA and raises funds throughout the year to support an array of programs created to benefit the court reporting community. Among those are the New Professional Reporter Grant, student scholarships, and the Oral Histories Program, which includes the newly established Hard-of-Hearing Heroes Project, an expansion of the Foundation’s work with the Veterans History Project.

“Court reporting has enriched my life in so many ways, and serving on the Board of Trustees has been one way for me to ‘pay it forward’ and support the future of this wonderful profession,” says Nancy Hopp, RDR, CRR, CMRS, NCRF Chair. “Our programs are both feel-good and ensure the vitality of this profession. They provide financial support to the next generation of court reporters and raise public awareness of the highly skilled work that we produce for the Veterans History Project and other organizations, as well as in our daily lives as reporters. If you, too, or someone you know, would like to give back to this profession and sustain the important work NCRF is doing on its behalf, I encourage you to consider serving as a Trustee.”

Service on the Board of Trustees is open to any NCRA member or member of the public who meets specific criteria. The deadline for nominations is March 31. Click here for the nomination form and more details.