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Meet the 2016-2017 NCRA New Professionals Advisory Committee members

New professionals_collageWe are an enthusiastic group of new court reporters from throughout the country with the drive and passion to continue the advancement of the court reporting industry through advocacy and education specifically designed for the new professional.

What we do:

  • We provide training resources geared towards the new professional.
  • We spotlight our new colleagues who have made an impact in our industry from an early stage.
  • We promote the benefit of higher certification and participation in NCRA and state associations.
  • We advocate for the new professional by introducing new methods of assistance and guidance that can specifically benefit a new reporter.

The purpose of this introduction is to give new professionals an outlet, to provide a method of communication between new professionals and NCRA, and to provide positive correspondence that all NCRA members can look forward to.


Rachel Barkume Photo_resizedI have been an official reporter for four years, a licensed CSR for six years this coming July, and an RPR for five years. My favorite thing about being a court reporter is the unique bond I share with other court reporters. I have never felt more of a sense of community. I also enjoy telling others about my career, explaining in the easiest way I can think of how my “little machine” works, and working with my judge and courtroom staff. A future goal of mine is to refine my dictionary and realtime skills to eventually become a captioner!

Rachel Barkume, RPR, CSR

Oakhurst, California

Melissa Case_squareI am an official court reporter for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas. My favorite thing about being a court reporter is that I’m constantly learning something every single day. My future goals are to pass the RMR and CRR and compete in state competitions.

Melissa Case, RPR

Cleveland, Ohio

Danielle GriffinI am a freelancer: Just got my RPR in August of 2016. Woot! I am a second-generation reporter, and most of all, I love working with my mom. I have grown up working at the office for many years and have worked all positions in the office. It is so exciting to be working as a reporter and now working alongside my mom. I am currently working towards my RMR and CRR, and continuing to refine my writing.

Danielle C. Griffin, RPR, AZ CR, NM CR

Cave Creek, Arizona

Jordan Groves_squareI am a freelancer. I love doing something different every day. No two jobs are ever the same, and that keeps it fun. I also love the flexibility of not working every day and being able to take off on a whim to go on field trips with the kids, et cetera. I’m not sure I could ever work normal work hours after having these freelance hours. I’m currently working on passing the RPR, and after that, I’m going to tackle the CRR.

Jordan Groves, CCR

Montgomery, Alabama

Hensley PicI am born and raised in Southern California and currently live in Chicago, Ill. I have been a freelance reporter since January 2016. My favorite thing about being a reporter is that every day is a new and different adventure. I am energized by change, and I enjoy walking into a new environment with each job I accept. My future goal is to always be learning and developing my skills to become the best reporter I can be. Currently I’m aiming for RMR and CRR certifications with the intent to participate in the national speed contests.

Michael Hensley, RPR, CSR

Chicago, Illinois

MikeyI’ve been a freelance reporter since August of 2012. My favorite thing about being a freelance court reporter is the flexibility that it allows me. I’m essentially my own boss, make my own hours, decide what my earning potential is, and have the freedom to get out of this career whatever I put into it. As someone who was in a cubicle working 9-5 for a few years, I love that every day is a new adventure in a new place with different people and a different story. My future goals consist of adding both CRR and RMR credentials after my name, opening up my own agency someday, and to help as many people as I can obtain their goals of becoming stenographers as attending and completing court reporting school was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Mikey McMorran, RPR, CSR

San Diego, California

Jennifer PortoI was a CART provider for nine years. It was truly rewarding, and I honestly loved going to work every day. My passion was working with deaf/hard of hearing students providing one-on-one CART, but I also loved the challenge of projecting captions for large audiences at venues such as city council meetings, TEDxCaltech, and for Yahoo. I was getting paid to learn; how lucky could a girl be? In May of 2016, I decided it was time for a new challenge, and I made the jump to being a deposition reporter. Every day is a different adventure and nothing is predictable. I learn something new daily, and I’m humbled at the tenacity, endurance, and organization it takes to not just be a good reporter, but to be a great reporter.

Jennifer Porto, CSR

Long Beach, California