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Highlights from some Convention sessions

Attendees have had great choices this year with learning sessions. Here are some highlights of a few of them.

Student steno speed dating

Students attending the NCRA 2019 Convention & Expo got to try out a twist on speed dating with a session that let them talk to a variety of court reporting professionals.

Student Shaunise Day organized the steno speed dating for her fourth year.

“My concept was to have not just a power point seminar,” she said. She wanted to give people time to interact.

“It’s always great to meet more reporters and get different perspectives,” said Rachel Helm, a student at Green River College from Poulsbo, Wash.

Day said students got the opportunity to network and ask questions that they maybe couldn’t ask in an online conversation.

Emily Deutsch from Bloomington Mn., who Anoka Technical College, also attended the steno speed dating.

“Speed dating was a great way to meet such a variety of opportunities that this profession has to offer,” Deutsch said. “I really liked it. I loved it because it involved everyone from CART providers to federal officials, and they were so open about letting us ask whatever we wanted. As a student you don’t always to get those ask those questions.”


From left to right: Lisa Black, Phyllis Craver-Lykken, RPR, and Liz Harvey, RPR

The NCRA STRONG Task Force shared the work they are doing to promote the profession in a session on Friday, Aug. 16.

Task force members NCRA STRONG Phyllis Craver-Lykken, RPR, and Liz Harvey, RPR, talked about how the group was formed and the mission of the task force.

“When you say someone should do something,” Harvey said, “that someone is us.”

The team wanted to put together a tool box of materials and tools to help promote the profession. Those tools include fliers, Power Point presentations, letters, and more.

They also encouraged attendees to use the tools. They said making the tools available isn’t enough, if no one uses them it won’t help.

According to Craver-Lykken and Harvey, NCRA STRONG is looking for volunteers from each state to represent their state and be a liaison to the task force.

Optimal Recording Formats – Creating the Best Video Record for Depositions

John Jensen, CLVS

John Jensen, CLVS, highlighted the optimal formats for recording a video deposition. He addressed a wide range of issues from camera needs to audio needs to working with court reporters.

A Guide to Social Media for Post-Millennials

Lauren Lawrence, RPR, and Matthew Moss, RPR, led a session meant to help participants navigate the benefits and pitfalls of using social media.

They pointed out that social media can be used to promote a business or promote the profession of court reporting. They cautioned the need to avoid misrepresenting the profession and being careful about being negative.

Matthew Moss, RPR, Lauren Lawrence, RPR

They gave an overview of each social media platform and gave examples of some people doing a great job at sending out positive posts about the career of court reporting.