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Praising punctuation

In honor of National Punctuation Day on Sept. 24, we recently asked these questions on the NCRA Facebook page. Here are some of the responses:

What is your favorite punctuation mark and why?
“Interrobang. Not since the Selectric have I been able to use it, as our keyboards don’t have one. Oh, how swell it would be to use the ‘bang!’ Now I must settle for only uttering it aloud — delightful word to say and hear. Interrobang!”

Tara Gandel Hudson, RPR,CRR

“Semicolon; because the thoughts are connected but they are just not quite ready to end the sentence.”

Amy Quint Richardson, RMR, CRR

“Dashes, the only thing that can make sense out of run-on sentences.”

Deborah Cohen-Rojas, RDR, CRR

“Exclamation point, because it shows excitement, either happy or mad.”

Michelle Iadonisi

If you could invent a new punctuation mark, what would it be?

“I think we could use a new symbol to reflect a sentence was sarcastic.”

Ksenija Zeltkalns, RPR

“I would create a new punctuation mark called a skid mark consisting of two consecutive equals signs == for when a dash doesn’t quite capture the meaning of how abrupt the interruption is when speakers are talking over one another.”

Amy Quint Richardson, RMR, CRR