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NCRA STRONG Task Force creates Toolkit for promoting court reporting and captioning

By Christopher Day

The NCRA STRONG Task Force has been working with NCRA staff to bring you the NCRA STRONG Toolkit. The Toolkit brings you a number of documents and presentations that will help you advocate for the court reporting and captioning professions and educate clients, lawyers, litigants, or other members of the public about the benefits of stenographic reporting and the risks of digital reporting. The NCRA STRONG Toolkit offers free recruitment materials to all NCRA members and serves as your go-to resource to highlight the advantages of stenographic reporting whenever you have an event, deposition, meeting, or seminar with individuals who need to know what stenographic reporting can bring to their table. Materials are conveniently available on the NCRA website at

As we look toward a wonderful new year, we want to acknowledge and thank every one of you for your own dedication to and hard work in these amazing professions. Please share these presentations, NCRA STRONG logos, flyers, and additional materials with your fellow members. We meet the needs of our market in a way that is unparalleled and personal. Our work is important. Our services are essential. Take the time out to get connected! Together, we can enhance one another’s efforts to advertise our profession.

Christopher Day is an official court reporter based in Staten Island, N.Y., and a member of the NCRA STRONG Task Force. He can be reached at