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New member wins $100

Shannan Olivarez

Shannan Olivarez is a freelance court reporter in Hesperia, Calif. She is also a new NCRA member and was chosen as the winner of the $100 Amazon gift card given to a new member who joined between January and April 2020.

JCR | Why did you choose this career? 

SO | I love English.  No math. ? Ha ha.  

JCR | What interested you about joining NCRA? 

SO | To be honest: Mercer insurance.  Peace of mind!  And I’m anxiously eager and curious to see all I can get out of being involved in this organization for our profession!

JCR | Has anything not been what you expected in your career? 

SO | It’s been far more exciting than what I imagined!  

JCR | What advice do you have for future court reporters? 

SO | You can do it if you tell yourself you can.