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Life as we knew it

By William Romanishin

As I sit here looking out

I’m not sure what to do but pout

About the way life has surely changed

And everything I used to do is rearranged

Mind you, but not by my choice

For in this situation if I had a voice

I would yell out to this deadly disease

Go away with the next gentle breeze

That passes by as I sit and gaze

And while away these meaningless days

Wondering when will life once again return

To those days of innocence and little concern

Of what will be on the table of life

With joy and wonderment and no strife

Going about our normal everyday lives

And thanking God when that moment finally arrives.

William Romanishin, RMR, CRR, is an official court reporter based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., He can be reached at

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