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2020-2021 NCRA Sourcebook goes digital

The first-ever NCRA digital Sourcebook has launched. Download it now and start reaping the many new benefits offered by the #1 publication attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals, and anyone else looking for the right court reporting, captioning, or legal videography professional can rely on to find the perfect match for their needs. 

The 2020-2021 digital NCRA Sourcebook is new in format but still contains the robust content users have come to expect from it. In fact, the new digital version offers even more features to help enhance the user experience. The digital edition is also downloadable and available free to anyone who wants to access it. Just click here.

“The digital version of the 2020-2021 NCRA Sourcebook still offers the same design as the printed version, including sections that sort individual members alphabetically by name and by geographical location. In addition, the color-coding users have been accustomed to remains, making it easy to quickly identify the services an individual offers,” said NCRA President Christine Phipps, RPR, an agency owner from North Palm Beach, Fla.

“As an added benefit, NCRA is also sharing the link to the Sourcebook digital edition with the legal community and trade publications, as well as to organizations that serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Your name and industry contact information is now accessible to everyone who downloads this digital edition,” Phipps added.

Among the new features the digital edition of the NCRA Sourcebook offers are:

The search feature on the digital edition has also been enhanced and allows users to use select words or phrases to search for information. Type in the name of a person you are looking for and the pages on which that name appears will be shown below the search box. The search feature can also be used to find states, cities, counties, or even company names.

Finally, a notes feature allows users to leave a note on any page to view later. Only the user who leaves a note will have the ability to delete it. Notes will remain with a page so they can be used as a bookmark to help users keep track of people or companies they want to find again.

Other additions include new sections that offer information about NCRA’s committees, approved schools, member benefits, upcoming events, advertising opportunities, and more.

Members are encouraged to share the link to the digital 2020-2021 NCRA Sourcebook with current and potential clients and to keep it nearby as a handy directory when looking to connect with other NCRA members.