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Meet September’s membership renewal winner

Treva Maricle, RPR

Treva Maricle, RPR, a freelancer from Oakdale, La., is September’s winner of a $300 Amazon gift card for renewing her NCRA membership. Since 1988, Treva has been a steadfast member of NCRA and has attended as many of the national Conferences as possible, finding them to be “a shot in the arm” and a reminder of how much she loves court reporting.

“I started proofreading for a court reporter and decided I wanted to learn that cool little machine.” Now, 32 years later, Maricle is encouraging the next generation of court reporters. “I just spoke with a young lady about this career and told her how some court reporters think. We analyze how everyone speaks: Our friends, pastors, random people we run into. I think we hear and process speech differently than the normal person, always thinking in steno,” she said.

When asked if she would encourage colleagues to join NCRA, Maricle said yes. “It keeps us all in touch with what’s going on in our field. Networking with other court reporters across the nation is invaluable and has helped me grow.” Members are encouraged to renew their membership online or by phone by calling 800-272-6272. To invite colleagues to join NCRA, you can send them to NCRA’s membership site.

On the career of court reporting, Maricle said, “I love the career so much, and I’m now in the process of scheduling presentations to high school students about court reporting. It’s the best career that nobody knows about.”