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NCRF Fast Facts

  1. Meet our NCRF Board of Trustees.
  2. Check out all Foundation fundraisers in one place on this landing page.
  3. Want to know more about our Foundation programs? Find them here.
  4. Your Angel Donor status is updated online. Please check the information we have posted about your years as a Foundation supporter. We will make all corrections ASAP: please email with your changes.
  5. Help support Career Launcher, an online mentorship program where students can learn the fundamentals of basic deposition protocols and transcript preparation in 10 instructive modules. Donors of $25 or more receive a Career Launcher pin.
  6. Earn Professional Development Credit (PDC) for transcribing pre-recorded interviews and live testimonials through the Oral Histories Program, a partnership between NCRF and the Library of Congress.
  7. Read the NCRF Bylaws.
  8. See a list of all NCRF scholarships and grants for professionals and students here.
  9. Questions? Email Jill Parker Landsman, NCRF Manager, at