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Volunteering means having the heart to serve

As we get ready to kick off National Volunteer Month in April, the JCR took the opportunity to reach out to NCRA member Robert Butcher, CLVS, from Lakewood, Colo., Co-Chair of the Association’s CLVS Council, to find out what motivates him to volunteer. Butcher, who earned his CLVS certification in 2012, also holds NCRA’s Trial Presentation Professional certificate, which he earned in 2016. He is a licensed drone pilot, a member of the Colorado Court Reporters Association (CCRA) and the Colorado Professional Videographers Association, of which he served as president. He is also the owner of Professional Legal Video.

JCR | You volunteered at the last CLVS Production Exam and Hands-on Training held at NCRA’s headquarters in Reston, Va. What motivated you to volunteer?

RB | Volunteering is the heart and culture of the family I was raised in. We serve for the sake of serving, to offer up what we have learned to the next generation. If we do not pay it forward, we are at risk of losing those things most valuable to us.

JCR | What do you get out of volunteering for the NCRA production exams?

RB | The production exam is a very exciting experience. Firstly, I always learn something new when teaching. It is also generally just a great review for me as well — getting back to the basics. Remember that there is a methodology that we have created as an industry and when we adhere to the methodology, we get great consistent results. The CLVS standards and production methodology are what has made the legal video industry what it is today.

JCR | Was this the first time you have volunteered? If not, how many other times have you?

RB | In terms of the legal industry, I began volunteering shortly after earning my CLVS. The first NCRA opportunity was many years ago when the National Convention was in Denver, and I remember videotaping. Some of my volunteer work has been in the local market serving at CCRA meetings and events. I am not sure how many times, however; I tend to serve when called to serve. 

JCR | How did you learn about the legal video profession?

RB | I am a serial entrepreneur and was looking for opportunities to use my video production experience. I stumbled across a website that offered some basic information about legal video and ordered it. After continued research, I discovered that NCRA was the organization leading the way in the legal video industry. 

JCR | What is the greatest benefit about CLVSs working with court reporters?

RB | Firstly, if a videographer carries the letters CLVS after their name, you can be confident that they know and understand the process within a deposition, that they understand and operate under the ethics that are taught in the CLVS program, and that they are there to work side by side with the reporter to help them preserve and protect the record.

JCR | You also volunteered to assist with the live streaming of some sessions at the 2021 NCRA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. What motivated you to volunteer at this event, and what do you think the greatest benefit to members who watch them is?

RB | What motivated me to serve was the same reason I serve on the Council: a heart to serve. It is imperative that leaders continue to step up and serve the communities of which they are members with their time and their talents.

JCR | Were there any challenges to setting up the live streaming? If so, what were they?

RB | The main challenge was communication with the on-site AV contractor to ensure that the rooms and resources were set up in a manner that we could access the soundboard as well as a feed from the presenters’ PowerPoints. This allowed us to be able to switch from the camera to the presentation for the viewers as well as deliver them great audio.

Visit NCRA’s certification site to learn more about NCRA’s CLVS and other certifications. To learn more about how you can volunteer to serve NCRA, visit

Robert Butcher, CLVS, can be reached at