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New Exam History Reinstatement Policy

The NCRA Board of Directors recently approved a new Exam History Reinstatement Policy that allows a onetime option to extend the Exam Retention Policy that went into effect in October 2018. The new Exam History Reinstatement Policy, which will go into effect May 2, gives all individuals who have an expired skills test history a onetime reinstatement of that test history. Under the new policy, expired Written Knowledge Tests (WKTs) and educational components may only be reinstated if they were passed less than seven years ago.

The NCRA Board and staff worked together to develop this new policy as a viable solution to address members’ concerns regarding implementation of the Exam Retention Policy and to support them in their commitment to completing their certifications while still effectuating much-needed restructuring necessary for maintaining the credibility of NCRA’s nationally recognized professional certifications.

On Mon., April 25, at 4 p.m. Eastern, NCRA’s Certification and Testing Department will host a webinar for members to learn more and ask questions about the new reinstatement policy. The webinar will be recorded and available through NCRA’s Learning Center for later viewing. Additional information about the policy, including FAQs, are available on

To take advantage of this onetime opportunity, individuals will be required to complete the Exam History Reinstatement form, pay a nonrefundable Exam History Reinstatement fee ($300 members/$350 nonmembers), and hold the appropriate current NCRA membership to have the credential awarded. The reinstatement policy also makes the individual responsible for notifying NCRA within 30 days of passing the last requirement for their certification to have their record updated to reflect any new certification earned utilizing reinstated test history.

The reinstatement fees will cover the costs for the resources needed to support this policy including processing and record updating.

Once a candidate has submitted the completed Exam History Reinstatement form with payment, they will receive an email reflecting their extended deadline date. The expired exam history/mandatory education will be reinstated for three years starting from the submission date; if the candidate does not complete the certification using the reinstated test history within those three years, the test history will expire permanently.

There are no additional extensions or exceptions past the activated three-year exam history reinstatement timeframe.

Candidates who were impacted by the Exam Retention Policy prior to the Exam History Reinstatement Policy’s implementation and who began retesting in January 2022 for any expired exam history may be eligible to have those test fees applied towards the Exam History Reinstatement fees.

Please review the Exam Retention Policy and the Exam History Reinstatement Policy. Have additional questions? Contact