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Meet the NCRA Committees: CAPR

The Creative Content Task Force (CCTF) was created in 2021 to assist with identifying and providing content that can be shared internally and externally to help promote the stenographic court reporting and captioning professions. Among the group’s charges is the promotion of NCRA committees and the work their members are doing to help move the profession into the future. To meet this charge, CCTF Chair Anthony D. Frisolone, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC, CRI, reached out to committee chairs with several questions to learn more. These profiles will appear periodically in the JCR Weekly.

Focus on: NCRA Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters (CAPR)

Chair: Susan M. Horak, FAPR, RDR, CRR

Committee Description: The Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters develops and administers continuing education programs, credential examinations, and any additional programs assigned by the Board of Directors. Members must have been admitted as a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters to serve on this Council.

CCTF | Briefly, what are some of the main initiatives this committee is especially focused on this year? 

SH | Our main initiative is to approve continuing education credits for seminars sponsored by state associations. We are trying to impress upon the states to get approval ahead of time and not wait until the last minute, and look at the exclusions included in the rules and policies and procedures. We also select the candidates for admittance to the Academy of Professional Reporters. 

CCTF | What drives the committee members to feel so passionate about the work this group is doing? 

SH | We want to select the best candidates to become Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters, and we want everyone to benefit from the continuing education.

CCTF | What impact do the committee members hope their work meeting the charges of this group will have on the profession?

SH | We hope to encourage members to volunteer for NCRA committees, to learn more about what the Association does for them, and to continue to learn and grow as professional reporters. We hope to educate the public and the legal community about the benefits of using a certified stenographic reporter.

CCTF | As chair, what is the one message you would like to share with NCRA members about getting involved in committee work? 

SH | Volunteering for an NCRA committee does not have to be time consuming. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to look over the information that has been sent to you and respond with your opinion or vote. You can start small.

CCTF | Please feel free to include any additional comments you think will add to this profile. 

SH | Every member should take the time to read through the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of NCRA. There is a wealth of information about continuing education credits, committee work. and how you can be more involved.

Interested in joining an NCRA committee? Find out more information about NCRA committees and how to volunteer at

Susan M. Horak, FAPR, RDR, CRR, is a scopist in Columbus, Ohio. She can be reached at