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Our NCRF donor takeaways: Survey to help shape the Foundation’s future

The National Court Reporters Foundation emailed a 10-question survey in March to Foundation donors from the past 15 months to collect feedback and opinions that might help shape NCRF’s future.

“Our survey was produced by our [NCRF] Trustees so that we could learn about what motivates our donors and what programs we provide that are most important to them,” said Early Langley, RMR, NCRF Chair.

The Trustees agreed that surveys are a tool to help with their decision-making for their upcoming NCRF Strategic Planning sessions. The survey provided a snapshot of those programs and goals that the Foundation pursues of greatest value to NCRA members, donors, and the industry. As the NCRF Strategic Plan sessions are underway, NCRF leaders appreciate the donors who took the time to respond to the survey.

Below are a few of the noteworthy responses regarding what matters most to donors, in response to the question:

How could our Foundation do more? What matters most to you regarding our Foundation programs? Please share your thoughts.

  • I think the Foundation is doing enough, but I loved Rich Germosen’s [RDR, CRR] explanation of everything the Association does at one of the CRCW [NCRA Court Reporting & Captioning Week] events. Maybe have event/Zoom meetings entitled “NCRF: How your Angelic Donations Make a Difference” or something to that effect, giving a rundown of everything, how to become an Angel, distribution of funds, etc.
  • Doing everything the way I would expect it to [be done] right now.
  • I like being able to support reporters through the Foundation who have gone through natural disasters.
  • I appreciate the Foundation’s efforts to bring more students into the profession and helping them do that through grants and scholarships. 
  • Supporting NCRA A to Z® matters most to me. Our profession would be dead without more students.
  • Assistance to students and new professionals is vital. Oral histories of veterans and Holocaust survivors are important.
  • I feel like you do a great job but helping to support online programs for students and getting the word out about need-to-fill positions in the profession is where the focus has to stay.
  • I’d like to see more scholarship opportunities for older/second career students.
  • Spend money on advertising.
  • Continue and enhance student support and attorney education (regarding the reporting/captioning profession).