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NCRA STRONG thanked by Texas Deposition Reporters Association

In an October 27 message, Texas Deposition Reporters Association (TEXDRA) President-Elect Lucille Wyatt thanked the NCRA STRONG Committee for its support to help prepare TEXDRA for their 2023 legislative strategy.

“Every bit of information you’ve imparted was valuable and instructional on its own,” Wyatt wrote. “Please share with the members of NCRA STRONG that we’ve already used some of the info you shared in a very warmly received presentation to a bar association last week.”

NCRA STRONG Chair Sue A. Terry, FAPR, RPR, CRR, CRC, forwarded the message to STRONG’s members, adding “We really do matter to those seeking help and guidance. Thank you, STRONG members.”

Wyatt went on to say, “The amount of time and effort each member of the STRONG [Committee] has put into this project, which is of vital importance to court reporters nationwide, is astounding.”

Created in 2019, NCRA STRONG combats false proclamations that digital and automatic speech recognition (ASR) methods of capturing the spoken word are equal or superior to stenographic means. Learn more about STRONG’s work here.