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New Professional Profile: Brianna Figueras, RSR, freelancer in Pasadena, Calif.

By Kendra Steppler

Brianna Figueras, RSR, lives in Pasadena, Calif., where she works as a freelance deposition reporter. She is self-taught and has been a member of NCRA since 2019 when she joined as a student.

JCR | What was your theory?

BF | I originally learned StenEd, but I began incorporating Chase’s [Frazier] and Mark’s [Kislingbury] theories around 120 when I hit a plateau. I hardly remember being in 130-160 because shortening my theory got me right to 160!

JCR | Do you currently hold any certifications or aspire to hold them?

BF | I currently hold an RSR, and I’m a Washington CCR. I take the final leg of my RPR next month!

JCR | What are some of your favorite briefs?

BF | SKLEN – on a scale of 1-10. VURP – have you ever had your deposition taken before.

JCR | Why did you choose to become a court reporter?

BF | My grandpa heard it was a great career. I knew nothing more than that when I looked into it and fell in love with it!

JCR | What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you first started out?

BF | I’m still pretty new, about a year in. I’ll get back to you when I learn what I don’t know!

JCR | What’s your “can’t live without” item in your steno bag?

BF | It’s not a bag, as I only cover Zoom depos at the moment. But I love to have a candle burning while I work.

JCR | What do you like to do when you’re not reporting?

BF | While I’m not reporting, you can find me taking care of my plants, spending time with my family, or adopting or fostering an animal I probably don’t have enough room for.

JCR | What’s the coolest experience you have had working in the profession?

BF | The coolest experiences for me have been meeting amazing stenographers in this profession and learning from them while at conventions. This field is such a supportive one. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

JCR | What is your next goal? 

BF | I’d like to get my RPR and start providing realtime ASAP!

Brianna Figueras, RSR, is a freelancer in Pasadena, Calif. She can be reached at

Kendra Steppler, RPR, CRR, is an official in Eugene, Ore. She can be reached at