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Public displays of appreciation

By Debbie Dibble

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. It’s high time the great work of these amazing superstars of our profession was highlighted, and we plan to do so in our April JCR with PDAs – in our case, Public Displays of Appreciation. 

Volunteers do spectacular work in our NCRA communities every day. Take a look around (and in the mirror) at the phenomenal acts of kindness, service, teaching, mentoring, and giving — all manners of volunteerism. We want to hear about captioners who improve the lives of those served in extraordinary ways or about CLVS videographers who have gone above and beyond and committee members who never seem to sleep. Share the stories of the good work going on all over our Association so we can formally acknowledge all that is done by our membership on a daily basis.  

Try to imagine the look of surprise on your friends’ or mentors’ faces when they are highlighted for their sacrifices and labors of love as we honor those who make our mission possible! And if you want to keep your submission anonymous, we can fulfill that request! So please send your stories to Debbie Dibble at and/or reach out with any questions you have before Jan. 16, 2023

Thank you for helping us to shine an appreciative light on these NCRA stars!