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We’ve moved! (But we didn’t go far.)

At the end of February, the National Court Reporters Association and the National Court Reporters Foundation moved into a new office space (and it’s just down the street from our old office). Our new address is:

12355 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 610
Reston, Va. 20191-3492

The decision to move to a new space reflects the fiscal responsibility of the NCRA Board and leadership to reduce our office footprint and save finances that can be reallocated to additional member service opportunities. As responsible remote working opportunities have become normal in the current workplace, many staff members have also embraced the ability to work remotely, making this decision even more prudent. The move was approved by the Board at its July 2022 meeting and will save the Association $250,000.

Contact us

We are still here for you. Please visit our new Contact Us web page with any comments or questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

Important notice about membership payments:

We have discontinued the banking lockbox located at our mailing address in Baltimore, Md. If paying membership dues by paper check, please send to the address of our new headquarters above.