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Like a good neighbor, NCRF cares

Marjorie Peters

 By Marjorie Peters

Hoping you have a spring in your step this season of renewal! You are receiving this Angels Quarterly because you are a giver. One fact that all our National Court Reporter Foundation leaders agree upon is that there are both health and happiness benefits to giving. By giving to NCRF, you are also helping to strengthen the court reporting, captioning, and legal videography communities.

In a nutshell: We thank you!

We know that when people give to charities, it activates regions of the brain that help release endorphins. We all benefit from that positive feeling of giving back. Just as runners get a runner’s high, givers get a helper’s high.

We hope that reading the updates here will give not only a firsthand look into what your support has meant to the Foundation, but will also give you a sense of well-being resulting from your recent NCRF generosity.

Our NCRF leaders are excited about our new plans to give away 10 student Conference & Expo registrations in a random drawing, the launch of our NCRF Ask Me Anything Zoom events open to all members, and much more. Our first-ever NCRF Ask Me Anything: Take Off for Houston was a resounding success, with our leaders, local experts, students, and others sharing tips about the Conference and how to make the most out of your upcoming trip to Houston this July.

NCRF’s intention is to have a strong Foundation presence at our upcoming NCRA Conference, where we are selling great raffle tickets, Conference and Career Launcher pins, and tickets for donations to the NCRA A to Z® program for the Donate & Celebrate with Kristin Party on July 28 at the Palm Downtown Houston. 

We have so much that we are proud of. So please enjoy this newsletter as you learn more about our Foundation’s work. Our Trustees have been working hard on our strategic plan, and we hope to give you some insight on that, and on all our collective work this year when we see you in Houston in July.

Being kind and generous is good for our mental and physical health. Thanks to your generosity, NCRF is able to elevate new, rising, and existing court reporters and captioners by supporting their careers with grants and scholarships.

May the domino effect of giving continue throughout your life as you support charities that matter to you, including, we hope, the Foundation.

Thanks again for caring about our profession. Please stay connected to us. We hope to see you in Houston at our NCRF booth, at the Awards Luncheon, at the Membership Recognition Gala, and just passing by in the hallway! Being inspired matters.

As I said in 2018 at the NCRA Conference & Expo in New Orleans, in my own 25 years of volunteering I have always been inspired by the giving and dedication of my colleagues. I still see you. Know that you are appreciated by all of us at NCRF.


Marjorie Peters, NCRF Chair, FAPR, RMR, CRR

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