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Want to vote? Make sure your email address is current

NCRA’s Constitution & Bylaws permit members to cast their votes via secure, online means. But to exercise the right, members must have a current email address on file in NCRA’s membership database and be opted in to receive emails from NCRA. This enables NCRA to keep you informed of any amendments coming up for a vote and to provide you with information on how to register and cast your vote online. Members who are eligible to vote will be able to sign on to the secure website and then vote through a private, secure link during the 24-hour voting period.

The deadline to verify or update your email address for voting on Bylaws amendments and the dues increase is July 17.

Verify or update your email before the deadline

Please make sure NCRA has your current email address in the database. To verify your email address, visit the member portal at Click on “Login” at the very top of the website, log in with your NCRA ID and password, then once you see a “Welcome” message, click on “My Profile.” To change your email address, click on “Update My Profile.” If you make changes, please be sure to click “Save Profile Information” near the bottom of the profile page.

If you are unable to make your changes, contact the NCRA Member Services and Information Center at 800-272-6272 or NCRA Membership at