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R. Douglas Friend

By Doug Friend

Welcome to the 4th Angels Quarterly for 2023 – yes, it’s already the 4th Quarterly! This amazing year has moved so fast!

This year, the National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) has seen growth like never before. Your gifts have allowed the Foundation to give out more scholarships, grants, and awards than ever this year!

The Trustees and our Angel Gatherers were thrilled to see many of you at the annual NCRA Conference & Expo in Houston, and we were humbled by the trust you put in us with your generous donations. We are also grateful to our raffle supporters, as our Lumi and Clutch for a Cause fundraisers were both great successes.

In this issue of the Quarterly, you’ll read about many of the awards that have been given out this year as well as the Natural Disaster Relief Fund. NCRF wants to be there to support our members in what may be the most trying times of their professional lives. If a natural disaster befalls you, please apply for financial relief from NCRF — we want to help!

Your NCRF Board of Trustees has set some aggressive goals to benefit NCRA members next year. #GivingTuesday falls on November 28 this year. If you would like to contribute on #GivingTuesday to NCRF, it’s as easy as donating online or by texting the keyword guardians to 41444. Keep your eye on all of our fundraising campaigns, as new ones are in the works. All your donations will be used wisely.

On behalf of the NCRF Trustees and staff, I wish each of you a memorable and meaningful holiday season. We look forward to making our relationships with you even stronger in 2024. Together, we give back generously as we “do good” together.

R. Douglas Friend
NCRF Chair