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SEO fundraiser donations acknowledged, appreciated

Thanks to the dedicated work of event hosts Max Curry, RPR, CRI; Christine Phipps, RPR; and Lexitas, a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fundraiser for the NCRA A to Z® Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand program was hosted in honor of incoming NCRA President Kristin Anderson, M.A., RPR, FCRR, in Houston, Texas. The sponsor and ticket fundraisers netted more than $21,000 to launch what will be an ongoing effort to attract more students to the A to Z program. Both Curry and Phipps are past NCRA presidents and leveraged their sphere of influence to publicize the fundraising party and the ongoing campaign.

All SEO donations to sponsor the fundraising event or for tickets to the event were fully appreciated by the hosts and the National Court Reporters Foundation.

NCRA has selected a vendor to head up this digital marketing strategy to improve to show up for relevant court reporting online searches. With greater A to Z online visibility and rankings, the DiscoverSteno program will lead in searches. A discovery phase is underway with plans to begin the SEO project sometime in December.

“I would like to thank Kristin for her true altruistic spirit which allowed this to happen,” said Phipps.  “And for Max’s willingness to come back after years on the Board and as our President and not only lead A to Z but also restructure and create new pathways for success. I would also like to thank Lexitas for supporting me and Max in this overall plan, thereby supporting the profession. And last but not least, my deepest heartfelt thank-yous to every single person, firm, and state association who sponsored and bought tickets. Our cup runneth over. All of you are amazing,” she added.

 “I want to personally say ’thank you’ to everyone who contributed their time or financially to this all-so-important endeavor tasked with marketing and promoting these amazing careers,” said Curry. “Proper marketing and exposure has been something we have sorely lacked for years, and it’s our sincere hope that through this endeavor we will begin to correct that.”

Visit NCRA’s DiscoverSteno page.

To donate to this fundraiser, text keyword sponsor4kristin to 41444. Each donation is a tax write-off for the year the donation was made.