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Don’t miss out: NCRA’s Mental Health Awareness Month webinar series in May

Are you passionate about self-care and maintaining your sanity in a stressful and often traumatic career field? Would you like to learn preventative care tips and gain new tools to help family, friends, and colleagues cope throughout these challenging times we are all living through? Make sure to mark your calendar for next month’s annual webinar series dedicated to mental health, courtesy of the National Court Reporters Foundation!

Throughout the month of May, NCRA is hosting a series of webinar events covering a wide range of topics relevant to the lives of court reporters, professional captioners, and legal videographers. Qualified professionals in their field will present these webinars which have been tailored to meet the needs of NCRA’s members.

Don’t stress about missing out or not capturing all of the new tools and resources the first go-around because, as always, these webinars will be available in the NCRA Learning Center for later viewing. View the full list of available mental-health-related webinars here.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Your Stress: Mental Health Hacks for Court Reporters and Students

Free for NCRA members

Speaker: Carrie Hewerdine, RDR, BCH, CHt

May 1

Court reporters and especially students face a daily barrage of high-pressure situations and demanding expectations. It’s time for a paradigm shift!  This session delves into practical strategies that go beyond just coping. We’ll explore how to honor yourself as an individual by meeting your mental, physical, and emotional needs. By examining the origins of internal and external stressors that plague us all in the judicial realm, you’ll gain valuable awareness. This newfound understanding becomes the key to dismantling overwhelming, self-defeating thoughts, and limiting patterns. This one-hour talk equips court reporters and students with actionable tools to prioritize mental well-being and optimize performance in our most valuable role as the guardians of the record. Brought to you by the Student-Teacher Committee. Total CEU: 0.0

Winning from Within

Free for NCRA members

Speaker: Dr. Ashlye V. Wilkerson

May 8, 10 a.m. Eastern

Winning from within! Each day we should operate with one goal in mind — to become a better version of ourselves than we were the day before. Constantly striving for excellence positions us to tap into our full potential and achieve at high levels. We bring all of who we are to everything we do. Who and what are we bringing? This keynote speech will share the obstacles Dr. Ashlye overcame as she seeks to live a life of impact. First beginning with mindset and then developing and honing her skillset, she has learned and embodied how to win from within. This presentation will outline key components that we all can use to achieve our goals, improve personal and professional performance, enhance our lives, strengthen our connections and relationships, and attain success on our own terms. CEU: 0.0

Christina Wilson, PhD headshot
Christina Wilson, PhD

Decoding Self-Sabotage

Free for NCRA members

Speaker: Christina Wilson, Ph.D.

May 15, noon Eastern

New for 2024: Mental Health Awareness Month free webinar for NCRA members! Have you ever purposely engaged in behavior that didn’t align with your goals or values? If so, there’s a good chance you know about self-sabotage, and you’re not alone. In this brief webinar, we will examine possible causes of self-sabotage, analyze self-sabotage in the workplace, and discuss tips for overcoming self-sabotage. Don’t let the “inner bully” block your road to success. Join us as we decode self-sabotage. CEU: 0.0

May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Your mental health is important. NCRA provides links to the following resources to aid you in finding what you need. Please take advantage of the materials offered and take the time to recover, regain control, and recenter yourself. Check back periodically for updated resources.

  • Members can take advantage of series of free live webinars being offered for free. No CEUs will be awarded. All webinars will be recorded for later viewing. Learn more and register.

  • On-demand mental health webinars are free to all NCRA members and accessible on the NCRA Learning CenterThe sessions are underwritten by the National Court Reporters Foundation. (No CEUs will be awarded for these sessions.)

  • NCRA offers other helpful resources and websites for suicide prevention, substance abuse recovery, and more. Whatever your situation, please know that you are not alone.