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How NCRA’s voting process works, important dates for voting members, and more

National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) voting processes are open and transparent, and members can be part of the process to make a difference in the future of court reporting, professional captioning, and legal videography. To be a part of the voting process, eligible members will need to make sure their email is correct by July 19. And, of course, they can participate in voting via secured online ballot starting August 1 for 24 hours.

Members who have a passion for the court reporting, professional captioning, or legal videography professions and the success of our Association are encouraged to participate in the upcoming Annual Business Meeting at the 2024 NCRA Conference & Expo happening August 1 in Louisville, Ky., prior to online voting. It is there that the Board of Directors and executive leaders will be available for questions and to hear your comments regarding the proposed dues adjustment of $50 as well as a proposed Bylaws amendment.

For a national association, dues are on average adjusted every one to three years. The prolonged period without an adjustment during some of the most unprecedented challenges in our lifetimes has resulted in an aggressive, ongoing effort to “turn over every rock” in a search for savings. As a result, NCRA has put off requiring an increase in revenue for as long as possible without running a deficit, leaving the future viability of the Association’s financial health in the hands of its members and its members alone.

The emerging threat of artificial intelligence to our members’ respective industries which could significantly disrupt the court reporting, professional captioning, and legal videography fields, has never been greater. And with ongoing gridlock on the federal level, NCRA requires implementing a vigorous advocacy effort to ensure our members are being adequately represented as our country and judiciary navigate this uncharted territory.

This $50 dues adjustment will permit just that and adequately strengthen NCRA for future policy-making, recruitment, and professional development efforts both internally and externally. This modest increase is a small price to pay for the crucial role NCRA has played in its members’ careers for the last 125 years, and hopefully, with your support we will continue that service.

NCRA voting information is accessible to members only. Please log in to access further content.