Huseby Announces Acquisition of Discovery Litigation Services

In a press release issued March 11, Huseby, based in Charlotte, N.C., announced that the firm has acquired Discovery Litigation Services, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.    

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Huseby Announces Acquisitions Across Southeast

In a press release issued Feb. 12, Huseby, based in Charlotte, N.C., announced the acquisitions of Edwards Reporting in Jackson, Miss., King Reporting in Melbourne, Fla., and Ruffin Consulting, in Raleigh/Wilmington, N.C.    

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Court reporting firm to pay court reporters instantly

Huseby, a court reporting firm based in Charlotte, N.C., has instituted a program called Instant Pay for Reporters to instantly compensate court reporters, videographers, and trial technicians, according to a press release dated Oct. 31.

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Huseby training in realtime reporting helps court reporters “jump in and do it”

Huseby, the court reporting, trial services, and litigation support company with offices coast to coast, recently posted an article on its website about the realtime training it is offering to court reporters. The article quotes several court reporters who have taken the training, including Angela Arnold, a freelance reporter from Woodlake, Calif., who works out of Fresno and covers most of the Central Valley. “What I really liked about the training was starting the conversation that [realtime] is something I can do. Since they sat down with us and talked about it not being so far out of reach, I felt like I should just jump in and do it. I’m excited for my career to take this course,” said Arnold.

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Huseby announces their support of NCRA’s TRAIN

Huseby Inc. Litigation Services announced its support of the NCRA Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide (TRAIN) program in a recent blog post. Huseby serves the legal community providing court reporting, trial services, and litigation support in the industry.

The TRAIN program aims to create an influx of realtime reporters to meet marketplace demand and to allow court reporters to differentiate themselves from other methods of making the record. One of the goals of the program is to provide hands-on training on setup and troubleshooting, writing tips, and encouragement through demonstrations at the local level. Huseby plans to host small-group training sessions and is currently looking for anyone interested in leading or participating in these sessions.

“We also support the NCRA’s goals of increasing the number of court reporters capable of providing realtime across the country,” said Paul Isom, author of the Huseby blog post.

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