Court reporters – Four tips on what to expect at an I.M.E.

A June 17 post by Kramm Court Reporting, San Diego, Calif., offers four tips on what court reporters can expect at an independent medical examination. The tips offered in the piece include: arrive at least 30 minutes early; anticipate having no table or place to put your computer; print timestamps on the final transcript; and don’t worry about the value of the transcript as far as the doctor or patient describing for the record what is being demonstrated.

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Should I become a court reporter in this modern day?

A commentary addressing choosing court reporting as a career issued by Kramm Court Reporting was posted in the Dec. 8 issue of the JD Supra Business Advisor. The commentary discusses six questions people should consider when thinking about entering the court reporting field.

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Court reporter mixes in soccer business

Rosalie Kramm, RPR, CRR, more than fulfilled her childhood dream, reports the San Diego Source. According to the paper, Kramm wanted to run her own business since she was a teenager and now she is the proud owner of three, including a soccer training facility. In addition to Kramm Court Reporting, the court reporting firm she founded as a 25-year-old, Kramm owns Discovery Conference Centre, which provides meeting and interview space for any industry, and The Futbol Factory, a soccer training facility for youths and adults.

“I know how to work hard,” Kramm told the paper. “I learned that from refereeing since I was 13. I’m dedicated to my clients and to these (soccer) students.”

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