Two sue for captioning at university stadium

An article in the Oct. 21 Diamondback, a student newspaper run by the University of Maryland, reported that the National Association of the Deaf and the two Terrapins sports patrons who are deaf have sued the university  for inadequate captioning at sporting events and added a second complaint with additional violations. In addition to failing to provide captioning for the announcer’s comments on the scoreboards and Jumbotrons in the stadium, the university’s athletic department’s website lacks captioning of the videos it publishes. According to the paper, university officials claimed that game announcements were adequately captioned online and provided on tablets patrons could request to use during games.

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Deaf girl’s family sues girl scouts

On August 2, 2012, the  Chicago Tribune website reported that a federal lawsuit was filed on behalf of 12-year-old Megan Runnion, who is deaf. The lawsuit alleges that the Girl Scouts   abruptly disbanded Runnion’s troop in retaliation for her mother’s efforts to keep the organization paying for an interpreter.