NCRA PAC’s state-to-state friendly fundraiser competition

By Shaunise Day

It’s time to plan NCRA’s 2019 Political Action Committee fundraiser that will take place at the annual convention in Denver, Colo. State associations, let’s all bring some excitement to the NCRA Convention for a friendly state-to-state competition and start thinking of exciting ways to pack your gift baskets with unique items that represent your state. This is your chance to show off your state pride.

The NCRA PAC is the association’s and the member’s direct lifeline to the legislative community that will decide the outcome of the organization’s initiatives in Congress. Having a presence on Capitol Hill is critical when working to promote the profession on the national level, and NCRA PAC is an important vehicle through which the Association can deliver NCRA’s message to members of Congress for our 15,000 members.

For the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo, several state associations and NCRA members contributed to the fundraiser by submitting gift baskets that contained unique items that represented their states. Not only was the fundraiser fun for state associations and the NCRA members who participated, but it also brought awareness to this important cause. About 13 states made gift basket donations that showed their state pride.

Since this was PAC’s first year of introducing this new and exciting fundraiser, and as a PAC committee member, I decided to donate a basket that represented all things California. The basket contained sports paraphernalia, non-perishable foods, wine, shot glasses, and a host of other California-related items. I was proud to submit a basket from my state in hopes that it would support a great cause and encourage states to participate in future fundraisers.

All states that participated did a great job, and we thank you! PAC was extremely proud of the turnout. Participants had to be present for the raffle and claim your winning basket. Although I donated a basket on behalf of my state of California, and on behalf of my state association CCRA, I also purchased raffle tickets to support PAC.

As Matthew Barusch, NCRA’s then Manager of State Government Relations, pulled the raffle tickets, I couldn’t believe that my ticket was called. I was so excited to win the raffle, but there was no way I was comfortable with winning my own basket and taking it back to California. I wanted to give another NCRA member the opportunity to enjoy the goodies from California. Matt thought it would be a great idea if I pulled the next winning raffle ticket. Mike Miller, FAPR, RDR, CRR, had the next winning ticket and was declared the winner of the raffle. I had a chance to catch up with Mike, and he shared with me that he enjoyed all the contents from California.

I would like to encourage every state association to participate and get involved. At your next round table board meeting, start thinking of unique items that you can donate to represent your state.

This year at Convention, visit the PAC table in the vendor hall. Support us by purchasing raffle tickets and dropping your raffle ticket in the basket of your choice.

Shaunise Day, of Oakland, Calif., is a member of NCRA’s Political Action Committee. Questions about PAC can be address to Director, State Government Relations Jocelynn Moore at

A member’s perspective on why PAC matters

By Shaunise Day

Do you know what PAC is doing for you?

Behind the scenes, the NCRA Political Action Committee (PAC) is working hard on behalf of its members to ensure the future of court reporting and captioning. This means that PAC has a duty to establish relationships with legislators on Capitol Hill. PAC supports candidates who will work in the interest of NCRA’s legislative agenda to benefit the court reporting and captioning fields.

Where would we be without PAC?

Without PAC, our Association would not be able to monitor legislation from state to state that would affect the court reporting and captioning profession. For example, earlier this year, NCRA took a stand with California to oppose bill AB 1631. California AB 1631 would prohibit shorthand reporting services from gift giving for marketing purposes. This bill would also prohibit shorthand reporting services from entering into long-term contracts with attorneys, law firms, or third parties.

NCRA wrote an opinion letter addressing AB 1631 as well as consulted with state leaders and advised them on an advocacy strategy.

Our profession is currently facing key issues that will affect every member’s livelihood and could possibly shape the future of this profession. There is a student shortage, electronic/digital and video recording to eliminate reporters, and not to mention third-party contracting issues. These are just a few issues, but if we stand together, we can make a big difference in our favor.

Let’s take action and advocate together

Every one of us should feel compelled to take action and support PAC. We all have a responsibility to protect the profession. Let’s start now by advocating together. NCRA PAC only survives by the generosity of its members and contributors. Contributions of any size are appreciated. For the complete set of giving guidelines and a contribution form, visit NCRA’s Government Relations page.


Shaunise Day is a student at West Valley College in Saratoga, Calif. She can be reached at

There’s lots of fun to be had at the NCRA and NCRF booths

PAC and NCRF booths_croppedBe sure to stop by the NCRA membership, NCRA government relations, and the NCRF booths at the 2017 Convention & Expo and take advantage of savings, grab some giveaways, and learn how you can support the court reporting and captioning professions. All three booths will be located at the host hotel, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., on the Mezzanine Level during the Aug. 10-13 event. Below is a sneak peek at what visitors can expect.

At the NCRA membership booth:

  • Take advantage of savings and special offers from more than a dozen carefully selected industry-leading partners from the NCRA Saving Center, the Association’s official member benefits resource
  • Receive an exclusive discount code for NCRA Convention & Expo participants for 20 percent off everything in the NCRA Store
  • Help your personal brand thrive with resources developed specifically to promote court reporters, captioners, and legal videographers
  • Learn about the A-to-Z program and how you can bring it to your area
  • Sign up to do career fairs for high school and middle school students with materials provided by NCRA
  • Sign up to join the Virtual Mentor Program as a mentor or mentee
  • Pick up an NCRA membership brochure to bring home to a colleague
  • Give a video testimonial about why you love court reporting, captioning, and/or legal videography
  • Get a free professional headshot to use for publicity and the NCRA Online Sourcebook
  • Check out this year’s free giveaways
  • And more

At the NCRA government affairs booth:

  • Contribute to NCRA’s Political Action Committee and be automatically entered to win a Fire HD tablet. Help raise $5,000 in PAC contributions and watch 2017-2018 NCRA President Christine J. Willette, RDR, CRR, CRC, and Immediate Past President Nativa P. Wood, FAPR, RDR, CMRS, sing karaoke at the President’s Party
  • Learn more about programs and resources available to train volunteer leadership
  • Find out the latest about legislative and regulatory issues at the federal and state levels
  • Check out this year’s cool giveaways
  • And more

At the NCRF booth:

  • Purchase this year’s official Convention pin, featuring a Magic at Your Fingertips design
  • Pick up official pins from previous Conventions to complete your collection
  • Take a chance to win a one-of-a-kind magically designed Luminex generously donated by Stenograph. Raffle tickets cost $50 each or three for $125
  • Pledge as a 2018 Angel and be entered into a drawing for a week-long stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the Villa Del Palmar resort, generously donated by Denise Paternoster, RPR, in loving memory of her husband, Frank Paternoster
  • Be part of Convention history and sign the official Convention register
  • And more