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DepoSolutions introduces Quick Glance Log

Quick Glance Log is a 100 percent Web-based time and money management software created for court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders. The software allows users to:

  • Invoice your accounts receivable (agencies or reporters)
  • Track monies received using the realtime balance due feature (ensure payment)
  • Keep track of monies paid to your subcontractors (1099s have never been easier)
  • Keep track of the hours per job (save time)
  • Keep track of non-reimbursed expenses (only minutes for tax preparation!)

More information is available at

  • DepoSolutions offers agency owners several reasons to use their its product. They say:
  • Reporters will love the easy online worksheet and schedule.
  • Clients will love the easy online integrated calendar and repository.
  • Staff will love the ease of working with DepoSolutions.
  • Agency owners will love the benefits of time and money savings.

More information is available at