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AMC Theatres to provide captioning

The Hearing Loss Association of America and the Disability Rights Advocates announced in a press release that AMC Theatres has agreed to improve access to its movies for patrons who are deaf or have hearing loss. Under the agreement, AMC will offer personal closed captioning systems to patrons. The movie theater chain, which operates throughout the United States, will be installing the closed captioning systems in conjunction with its conversion to digital cinema.

NCRA representatives stated that the settlement is an encouraging step in allowing all Americans to enjoy the same experience at movies. In spring 2013, then-NCRA President Tami Smith, RPR, CPE, sent a letter of support for S. 555, the Captioning and Image Narration to Enhance Movie Accessibility (CINEMA) Act introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), which would require all movie theaters with two or more screens to offer captions.

“While NCRA is excited to see AMC will move forward and offer personal closed captions for patrons, we remain hopeful that the CINEMA Act will be signed into law and thereby give all members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community equal access to watch and enjoy movies,” says NCRA Government Relations Specialist Brandon Schall, PLC.

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