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North Carolina officials have active role at Judicial Conference

In late October, the North Carolina Association of Official Court Reporters attended the North Carolina Superior Court Judges Fall Conference, educating the judges on the benefits of using live court reporters versus other methods of capturing the record. AOCR actively promoted live court reporters providing realtime and the technological advances that the profession has seen over the past generation. During the conference, official court reporters were recognized by the judges who passed a resolution in favor of keeping live official court reporters in superior courts over any alternative methods of making the record.

“The unanimous support we have received in the past and continue to enjoy from our North Carolina superior court judges is awesome and overwhelming, and this support is recently memorialized in a resolution reflecting their unwavering support for the preservation of official court reporters in North Carolina’s Superior Courts to the exclusion of all other means of keeping the record.  Our judges recognize the training and skill set required to professionally produce an accurate record, which reaffirms that the live reporter in the courtroom is an essential cog in the wheels of justice,” said Pamela T. Rayburn, RPR, AOCR’s legislative committee chair.

For information on why courts should utilize live court reporters, visit NCRA’s Steno Reporter Advantage homepage.