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Date set for legal action over removal of stenographers in Bahamian drug case

In a follow up to a story which appeared earlier on, a newspaper serving the Bahamas recently reported that the matter of a man accused of drug possession, who was granted a stay in his case pending the outcome of his constitutional motion to be heard in the Supreme Court because a magistrate could not comply with his request to have a stenographer present for his trial, is set to be heard on April 19. The matter is being brought before the Supreme Court by attorneys representing the Bahamian Criminal Bar Association who earlier had announced their intention to take legal action against Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson for her decision to remove stenographers from the Magistrate’s Court. The Bahamian government recently replaced stenographic court reporters with digital recording in a move that was heavily criticized by the local bar association which cited problems encountered by other jurisdictions that had adopted the same change.

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